May 2022

We have been working our way through the rest of the performance and have had several full run throughs. Bozo has been given another 'head', like a malignant Worzel Gummidge, he is now also Donald Trump!

We have been working with music - since we have the luxury of being covered by University permissions - Bozo and Doris sing and dance to a number of unlikely tracks! Partygate, some of the more outre moments of comedy punk and general clowning have occupied our time along with ways of pronouncing a relatively large range of words for the newsreader(s). Two of our three actors are not British and were not in the country during lockdown, so getting to grips with meaning and pronunciation have been key jobs for them - and they have worked very hard.

Gavin has managed to join us for a zoom session and a full day in person rehearsal, this has worked well.