February/March 2022

Scripting this from the poem's manuscript was a revelation. I was already very familiar with the poem but the world weary tone of sarcasm that runs through it, quickly became wicked satire when put in the mouths of the politicians themselves. During this process, I realised that a background of loving certain cartoonists' work; Vicky, Tim, and Steve Bell in particular and Spitting Image, was going to be useful. At this stage also, my love of punk and satirical song was entering my head. How I was going to use that was not set in stone. 

The tech is something that is keeping me awake: I am not digitally proficient enough: Well - for some things I am! I know my lighting, I know what I want but am worried about formats required for theatre (for sound and images) and about accessing the news items. Gavin Hadfield, whose writing this is, always wanted to include live links - not really possible in hard copy publishing - although as an e-book it would work. Playing with the idea of live links could work in a performance, but then there is the issue of there being quite a lot of links in places and not so many in others - so the audience would either be bombarded or there's nothing to see.

Once I was allocated my cast, and following the traditional warm up, I got them to read through the first scene that all were due to be in three times, rotating the roles to see who most easily suited which role.