New Workshops at Barking Learning Centre

The Barking and Dagenham workshops are about to start again and there is always room for new faces and a friendly welcome from the regulars. I have been a mentor and workshop tutor for Barking and Dagenham's Pen to Print project for three years - running poetry workshops and mentoring some fabulous writers. The workshops are free and bookable on eventbrite via this link

There will also be a small poetry festival as part of B and Ds literature festival in September. The events are: Tuesday September 11th at Barking Library - 6.30-8.30 - A Bunch of Ann(e)s. Guest readers are Anne Ryland and Anne E Cooper with local rising stars - Ann Dineen, Anne MacAuley, Angiezska Dryjas, and Anne Welsh

Wednesday September 12th at Barking Library - 6.30=8.30 - Special guest Peter Raynard with local rising stars Elizabeth Freeman, Jenny Grant, Lucy Kaufman, Patsy Middleton, Hugh Prior, and Mary Walsh

Thursday September 13th at Valence House; a workshop with me at B and D's local history library - Valence House. We will write poems using local history materials in the archives. 

All events can also be found on eventbrite. 


Mudlark - text Anna Robinson - music - Jack Thomson

76219679_FAFA London Champion Tx.mp3

Recording by kind permission of You and Yours Food and Farming Awards 2014  BBC Radio 4

01 Rosa Mundi.mp3

See words to Rosa Mundi on poems page 


 Tawkin' too wAnnie - Sundee Tee time - from Spoken Word Antics on Sheffield Live

04 Track 04.mp3